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The meeting with the Surfancy startup

At the first day of the summer 2023 we had an interesting meeting in our head office in Moscow, Russia: an another growing startup project "Surfancy", which specializes in the production of the infrared frames (those frames basically turn any flat surface into a touchscreen), made a presentation of their project for us with the idea of possible integration into our lightboard studios.

 Our technical / IT team immersed into demonstration of the Surfancy infrared frames
Our technical / IT team immersed into demonstration of the Surfancy infrared frames

Several obvious advantages of their product were taken into consideration by us:

They offer the same functional as our current square-based infrared frame, but using just the two vertical sensors. It may not look like a huge advantage at first sight, but actually it is and here is why:

- First of all getting rid of the top and bottom infrared sensors opens us more working space on our lightboard.

- Second, but not the least advantage lies in the specifics of usage of our lightboards: for drawing on our lightboards we use special fluorescent chalk-based markers that are illuminated by the RGB system integrated into our lightboard. Those markers are easily wiped off, but some dust of them may fall down and eventually reduce the bottom infrared sensor accuracy.

- Third and probably the most important factor we are considering is the opportunity to cooperate with the developers themselves. Working with the direct manufacturer we may precisely specify our needs to make our lightboards even better. The Surfancy team offers their own calibration system and the patented driver that can be integrated in our software.

Summing up the results we are very excited to cooperate with our new potential partners, and we have assigned the meeting to discuss some technical details we faced at the first presentation.

We are looking forward to integrate those new infrared frames to bring even more quality and comfort to our customers and make our lightboard studios superior.

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