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This board model is a variation of the MG Combo Luxe, which allows you to freely
combine several boards into an office partition of any shape. From one of
sides of the board there is one compact wheel for connecting adjacent
boards at an angle. The wheels can withstand the heavy weight of the structure and provide
easy movement. You can change the organization of office space
at your discretion. 
Only neodymium magnets can be used on boards. Other magnets will not adhere securely to glass.Production of a board of any color or size not presented in the catalog is calculated individually. Production time 14 working days. For a non-standard order, call the managerThe color of the product may vary in tone depending on your screen settings! We have made every effort to ensure that the colors of our boards on the screens of your devices correspond to reality.

Mobile glass marker board Combo Hub Luxe

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