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The configuration includes:

  1.  Microcomputer with our software. For remote connection and control
  2.  Monitor with a screen diagonal of 27 inches
  3.  Clicker
  4.  Tripod
  5.  Fasteners for mounting on a tripod
  6.  A mirror made of polymer composite with a diagonal of 32.4 inches
  7.  Mounts for devices (camera, tablet, monitor, photo camera)
  8.  Light limiters made of black aluminum (blinds)


Warranty — 1 year


Our teleprompters are equipped with a microcomputer, on the basis of which remote access to it is carried out from a smartphone. Managing the process has become incredibly simple. Thanks to the software installed on the microcomputer, you no longer need to buy programs to work with text. These are completely ready-to-work professional products without any additional costs.


All components are placed in a sturdy shipping box. You can make a purchase on our website or by contacting the manager by phone. You don't need to have special equipment to build. To install and configure the equipment, you will need one phillips screwdriver.

Teleprompter VideoPreza configuration "Premium"

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